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Wealth Insurance —
From Generation to Generation
Make Your Grandchild or
Child a Millionaire
Introducing LifeTrust™, a unique way to maximize
children’s assets for their later years.
Easy and Inexpensive  
Set up a LifeTrust in minutes 
Only $149
Additional LifeTrusts only $99 each
See how a LifeTrust Grows! View the LifeTrust Calculator (Demo) See how a LifeTrust Grows! View the LifeTrust Calculator

A LifeTrust is a trust that protects your grandchild or child's long-term financial future, simply and inexpensively.   A LifeTrust maximizes the value of your gift by combining the incredible power of:

  • Compounded Growth
  • Time
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax-Deferral
  • Low Costs

Why Use LifeTrust to Protect Your Grandchild or Child's
Long-Term Financial Future?

  • Inexpensive - Save thousands of dollars in legal fees
  • Easy - Just answer a few questions
  • Fast - Your LifeTrust documents are available in moments
  • Permanent document storage - Login anytime to see your LifeTrust documents
  • Multiple LifeTrusts Fast and Easy - Save time and money creating LifeTrusts for other grandchildren and children
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